Tip 11 Regardless of what women say women do NOT want nice guys

They want guys who are laid back, relaxed, and yet ALSO dominant.

So make decisions, don't ask women for permission to talk to them, (because they enjoy it, and it's a mutual pleasure), don't apologize for talking to them.

Lead the way- if you meet a woman in a club and want to sit down with her, tell her "let's sit down", and then just do it.

In general, the worst that happens is women will tell you they are not ready yet, and that just means to ease up a bit and talk some more and try it again in a few minutes.

If a woman really doesn't want to talk to you, who cares?

Go on to the next, but ALWAYS lead the way, without being pushy. Being AGGRESSIVE and NEEDY and telling a woman to get physical with you is LAME, PUSHY, AND NEEDY.

However, having the INITIATIVE to go up to a woman without spending ten minutes thinking about it, and teasing her, and telling her after a short chat that you guys should go for coffee or sit down at the sofa or whatever you have in mind is simply being ASSERTIVE and DOMINANT.

Nice guys tend to think that things will "just happen" eventually for them with women. Assertive guys, guys who are THE MAN, they MAKE it happen.

Be a MAN with a PLAN.

Know beforehand exactly what you want from a situation.

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If you are in a club, before chatting with a woman, check out the logistics - are there sofas to sit down?

Work out beforehand exactly where you will take a woman to sit with you, and work out beforehand where you will go after the club for food, and where and how you will invite her to your place to watch a movie or whatever other plan you have.

The crucial element here is to HAVE A PLAN and then CARRY IT OUT.

Even if things do not go according to plan, you at least have a base structure to work from.

Similarly, if you are arranging a date with a woman, don't ask HER what she would like to do, figure it out yourself. (YOU are THE MAN, and you are therefore the LEADER.

As a former nice guy, I can tell you that nice guys are dead WRONG when they think that women WANT you to ask them where they would like to go.

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