Tip 12 Always remember that there are Plenty of women

Get rid of the scarcity mentality (notice how scarcity sounds like SCARED-CITY) and realize that there are MORE than enough women.

This will prevent useless, negative, counter-productive emotions like jealousy or desperation or neediness. Not only are those negative emotions unhealthy, but they are REPULSIVE to women.

Behave with women in a way that says you know there is no scarcity. That means not having emotional reactions and outbursts to her shit tests.

Instead, laugh at her shit tests and calmly wait till she finished her tirade and then with a confident smile say "are you finished?".

If a woman is a real pain, dump her.

If a woman treats you well, that's great, but if she doesn't, realize you can get another instantly.

If only most guys knew that attractive women can basically snap their fingers and have thousands of men willing to kiss their feet, (and in fact many women do have tons of men doing this for them), then guys would STOP their butt-kissing behavior, and stop excusing their girlfriend's bad behavior.

The reason why so many women abuse nice guys is because these women have been spoiled by a lifetime of being treated like princesses for no good reason.

It is critical to realize this and dump a woman IMMEDIATELY if she treats you less than VERY VERY well.

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The irony is that it's ONLY when a woman believes that you are TRULY not needy, that you are TRULY prepared to dump a woman if she disrespects you, ONLY THEN will a woman respect you.

This is why it is important for a woman to know you have many choices and are not desperate.

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