Tip 12 How to communicate seductively

Women love every method imaginable to foretell the future and their destiny. There are all kinds of divination techniques: horoscopes and astrology (still popular for over a thousand years and counting), palm-readings, aura readings, I-Ching, tarot cards, tea leaves - you name it.

What is it about fortune telling that women find so alluring?

First of all, women love anything that hints at "destiny," or a magical coincidence. She wants to believe that you two found each other like two ships crossing in the night. Your stars were crossed. All that kind of stuff.

Men are attracted to the hard and scientific - the facts and the evidence. Women are attracted to the ambiguous and unknown - the supernatural.

The most important reason women go to fortunetellers is one that men aren't aware of, and if you pick up on this, you'll score big time. Consider this:

Women are in love with the thought of someone being able to see them as they truly are.

Most women cannot even see or understand themselves, so for someone to come along and describe them in a way that appears to see through to their soul is magic to them like no other.

You can use this yourself by employing this little "magic" trick. I call it the "I See You" trick. You can use it with any kind of 'cold reading' you care to do, just save it for the right moment. You'll have her spellbound.

Here's what you do. Look her in the eyes and tell her the following:

"I think I know something about you now. Something you didn't think I'd see. There's something about you that you want the world to see, but you keep hidden."


She'll be on the edge of her seat waiting for you to speak. (I cover the "Ultra-Pause" in my e-books, which really gets her interested.) Wait for her to ask you for more. This will build up the excitement.

(If you want to keep a woman waiting for you while you go off to the bathroom for a minute, tell her this before you leave. I guarantee she'll be waiting for you when you get back. There's no way she could walk away from this.)

Then lean in closer to her and whisper: "You have a part of yourself that you hide from your friends and the world. It's a part of yourself you're afraid to show. You sometimes feel like it's a dark secret, but you can't deny it exists.

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This part of you wants things that other people tell you you shouldn't want. Sometimes it even makes you consider doing things you might not really do." Another pause. "I'm right, aren't I?"

Now, as you may or may not know, this is not unique. Everyone feels this way. There's our public image, the one we show to everyone, and then there's the one we keep hidden away - our shadow self - the part that we don't want others to see.

The point is that it will seem like you saw into her, and that will get her interested. She'll think you have a unique insight into who she is. And, ultimately, that's what she's looking for from a man.

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