Tip 13 Have more to chat about than JUST teasing her

For the most part, women want guys who are interesting and not social rejects.

You probably have all kinds of interesting topics to chat about, but you don't talk to women about them because you are too tense.

Whether it's your feelings about a certain movie, book, trend, etc. One thing though, don't talk to women about things like Star Trek or anything else that REEKS of geekdom, even if YOU LOVE Star Trek.

Imagine if you had to listen to her endless stories of what is on her favourite soap opera and you'll understand that not everything needs to be shared.

It's a great idea to find things that you have in common that are INTERESTING to both of you, especially when you have just met a woman.

So for example, if you both used to live in small towns, you can talk about how people in small towns tend to be less artificial, and how cool it is when people are natural with each other and less snobby, and you could even poke fun at how snobby people behave.

Do you catch my drift here?

It's not all about being the wisecracking guy.

There are INFINITE topics to chat about that are interesting that don't have to do with wisecracking.

Just stay away from anything negative or gory and of course anything geeky unless the geeky thing is being spoken about in a way that is charming, - for example, if you are coming across as TOO MACHO, you might want to taper it with a mention of your Luke Skywalker pyjamas you had as a kid.

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