Tip 13 How To Handle Approaching A Woman

Are there signs you should look for that a woman is interested?

First, always start with a plan. I don't look for signs from a woman as much as I rely on my own ability to come up with a good reason for talking to her in the first place. Remember, you can't count on her to initiate.

Guys are too caught up in looking for "signs" and other indications rather than just going up and talking to women they see and are interested in. If you get into a game of waiting for signs from every woman, you give yourself an excuse not to act. And pretty soon you'll find your sex life drying up like the Sahara at noon.

It's been my experience that very few women actually give you any real "come hither" indications, and if she did it would be based solely on your appearance. Women are never just attracted to a man by his looks, so never rely on that. You have to be willing to initiate.

Don't expect seduction and meeting women to be a passive sport where you just wait for women to come to you, because I think you know it doesn't work that way. You have to step up and show the courage and confidence of a man who can go after what he wants, and the woman will be attracted to that after you approach. Not before.

Get in the game and start playing rather than waiting for the coach to call you off the bench. That's the sign of a real Alpha Man.


So you must work past your initial fear of rejection and walk up to a woman. The simplest introduction you can use (and this one is extremely simple and unbelievably effective) is this:

"Excuse me, I was just looking for new people to meet and you seemed like you might be interesting. What's your name?"

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That's it.

All you have to do is politely excuse yourself into her life, and then let her show you if she's interesting enough to warrant more attention from you.

Don't look for the super clever lines that are supposed to make her jump into your arms. They don't exist. You only have to reach out and express a little interest to find that there are women everywhere looking for men to just come up and say "Hi" to them.

The worst thing that could happen is that she is shy or not interested, in which case you just move on to the next one. Just wait for her to ask you your name (a good interest indicator) and then take it from there.

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