Tip 13 The results are in the numbers

My philosophies on meeting people and dating are this.

Meet as many people as possible in a relatively short time and pick a "few" you want to pursue. A relatively new form of dating called "speed" dating has gotten some recent press coverage as a good way for "busy" people to get dates.

I have tried this several times with very good results.

On one occasion I met and eventually dated 3 women from one event.

Essentially what happens is that everyone meets at a location and begins to mingle but when the event starts you spend only a few minutes with each participant trying to find out as much as possible about them before moving on to another person.

Usually at the end of the evening some meet and go on to other things and some just stay to mingle or go home.

In the Online Daters Guide I show how to immediately interact with as many as One Hundred people online in the span of about 30 minutes.

Page 218

I STAKE MY WORD that there has never been an easier way to meet interesting people almost instantly. Every time I do this I net more response than I can keep up with and I eventually focus on two or three women at one time.

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