Tip 14 Funny scenarios

She's heading for the door, you push the door open with your foot and shove her lightly on the back.

She looks at you like you're crazy. You say, "I'm trying to be chivalrous. I know I need a lot of work but at least I'm trying."

She laughs at you.

You start talking.

It's worked more times than you would believe.

Humor isn't always an easy thing to develop, but I can tell you that watching Jim Carrey or the Wayan's brothers will help.

Anything slapstick seems to work really well for me.

Even women who don't like slapstick humor have found me delightfully immature when I pull slapstick stunts.

Women love to laugh and secretly all love men who don't give a s*** about what other people think.

Make them think you're the freedom man.

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