Tip 14 Instead of worrying about emails and numbers focus on the Interaction

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Emails and numbers are just ROADS that you travel on to get to the next step of the seduction. The road is always there, but you must have an OPEN DESTINATION or there is no point on going on the road.

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Unless you have a woman who is seriously INTO you, and who feels GOOD about you, and comfortable with you, phone numbers and emails will just be roads to CLOSED destinations unless you are very savvy at RESCUING the sloppy seduction you did in the first place.

If you are having a GREAT interaction going on while chatting with a woman, you will get the number and email and she will NOT flake out on you later with excuses why she can't meet you, etc.

If you are having a lousy interaction, then even if you do get her number or email, you will have to paddle upstream and overcome the hurdle of your lousy interaction that has now set a bad frame on her view of you.

Focus on having a GOOD TIME while interacting with a woman, don't FOCUS on the outcome, because FOCUSING on the outcome is NOT THE POINT of interacting.

In fact, you interact in order to enjoy the moment and see if there is even a reason to take it further.

You can't find out if there is a reason to take it further if you are not in the moment and just worrying about the outcome.

Focus on the moment, and if at the end of the interaction you both had a good time, then you should take her number and email. (That is, if you can't take her home right then).

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