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The best place to meet women is wherever a man feels most comfortable meeting a woman. This will differ for every guy.

Some guys will never feel comfortable picking up women in a club, or a bar. Some will never feel comfortable meeting women at a speed-dating event.

(Some will never feel comfortable at all, and that's fine, too. The important thing is to do something.)

Choose whatever method is most comfortable to you, because your level of relaxation will dictate your success level.

Now optimally you want to meet women everywhere you go. On the street, at the bank, and at the grocery store. Anywhere you can get up the balls to talk to a woman is a good place, because chances are you will meet that special one in a place you least expect.

But it takes time to get your abilities up to the level where you can talk to a woman anywhere and everywhere. It's not easy. So don't rush it.

But remember also that everything is going to be uncomfortable at some time or another, and you have to act when you see the opportunity.

Here are some quick ideas of good locations:

• Speed dating events

• Parties thrown by friends

• Referrals from friends

Online dating

• Singles events/parties

• At self-improvement clinics or seminars

• Cooking classes

• Dance classes

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• The grocery store

• Department stores

And wherever you find the most success. Don't force yourself into situations where you are really uncomfortable, because it will only leave a bad taste in your mouth for the future.

You want to work your way into more and more situations and opportunities to meet women, but you must be careful not to burn yourself out.

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