Tip 15 Manage your horniness instead of letting it manage you

Let's face it, if you're the kind of guy who's been taking care of your own business for most of your life (I wouldn't know anything about this myself, but I read all about it in a book somewhere once, I think.), then you've probably got the "art" of self-love down to a friggin' science by now! I suspect that you probably practice your craft often and with great enthusiasm as well. This is all fine and dandy, but unfortunately, sex drive happens to be one of Nature's great motivators for getting the species to perpetuate itself. Without sex drive, men and women really wouldn't give much of a shit about each other. So as much as you hate to hear it, short-circuiting this urge through constant over-indulgence will eventually lead to some level of social awkwardness no matter how well you try to hide it.

One of the drawbacks to the single life is that it's easily embraced as a lifestyle if you're not careful. It's takes no effort at all to backslide into self-centered abandon to the point where you no longer care about the feelings of anyone else. Understand that low-horniness obliterates your motivation to pursue real women. Sure, you scope them out and fantasize about tons of them every day, but since fear controls all your actions it remains difficult to break through the barriers that rejection sensitivity and shame have placed around you. The valuable thing about horniness is that it's one of the few emotion-states that is powerful enough to challenge and overpower fear. By keeping your horniness in a perpetually depressed state your male superpower remains weakened and useless.

There's an inverse relationship between horniness and your anxiety over approaching women too. When one goes up the other goes down by about the same amount. If you're currently at an 80% fear and 20% horniness for instance, try getting that down to 50-50 and watch what an effortless improvement it will make in your ability to relate to women as a man, and not as some non-aggressive eunuch. Try it as an experiment for a month. You can always go back to your old "wackin' ways" if your rejection fear doesn't seem to diminish... but I bet that it will!

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