Tip 15 Memorable Moments

You ask her out for dinner and a movie, she yawns and says she has to wash her hair.

You call her and say you're going to this haunted house to see if you can see a ghost does she want to come with? And she washes her hair tomorrow in your sink.

You have to be creative, spontaneous and create memories she'll never forget. I always research cool things to do before I need date ideas.

Spontaneity works really well. (The secret to spontaneity is knowing where the cool things are in advance!) You just meet a girl in a club. She says she's leaving. You ask her where she's going.

She says she's hungry.

You tell her you know this great little grille down on the water does she want to come with?

She goes for it.

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You take her there, get some food and tell her to follow you. You grab her hand and lead her down under the pier.

You show her how it's really awesome at this time of night to see the moon from this angle. it's really huge in the sky.

Get the drift?

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