Tip 15 The secret of seduction

The problem is that men and women get together for one of two reasons: Attraction, or Necessity. Every romantic involvement with a woman needs to start with a passionate seduction to satisfy you and her for the long run, much less the short term.

Seduction, gentlemen, is not bad. It is absolutely necessary.

There are two ways you can handle your sex life:

- You can continue to pretend you know it all, and that you're getting the sex you want. You keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting. If you honestly believe deep in your heart that you are getting all the results you desire, then you're one of the privileged few men who is really achieving with women. Congratulations...

- You can admit that there's more to learn, and that you can get more than you've been getting. You're willing to set aside your ego and learn what it takes to meet and seduce women. You're willing to invest a little to reap rewards that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Think about it for a second. There are only a few possibilities when it comes to understanding women:

1. A woman will only sleep with good looking men, or men with money and fame. Qualities which are nearly impossible for you to control.

WRONG. We know this isn't true, because you see average or less-than-average looking guys who get laid, and they don't have any money or fame.

2. A woman will only sleep with men because of luck, fate, or some mystical formula that only the ancients know.

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WRONG. There are guys out there who know exactly how to attract women on a regular basis.

3. A woman will sleep with a man because she is attracted to him, because of rules that can be learned and repeated.

RIGHT. A woman sleeps with a man who excites her enough for her attraction mechanism to start. Exciting her is a process of using some established rules of behavior. And these success rules are always repeatable.

Women want sex as much as men do. This isn't any big secret. And if you can understand the objections and hurdles a woman puts in between you and her, you can handle them and navigate right around them, all the way to your goal of seduction.

I'm sure you've been with your other male buddies in a bar and listened to them as they all spot the hot women, and talk a good game about her. They make some analysis of her looks, and then her boobs and her tush. Some of them even make a few comments about what they'd do in bed with her.

But no one ever does anything about it. They are all as clueless and scared as the rest of the guys in the bar who don't have the first idea of how to approach her and interact with her on the same playing field. In their minds, they've already written themselves out of the possibility of sleeping with a woman like that.

A little later on, you see a guy talking with that same woman, and she's laughing away at his jokes, flipping her hair back, and touching his arm as if she's known him forever, but you know she's only just met him.

And the worst part is, he's not even good looking! And his tie looks like he just shot his couch. What does this guy have? What could he possibly know that allows him to go in there and be confident to chat up beautiful women?

Self-confidence comes from a belief in yourself, as well as a belief in your abilities. That guy had an understanding of what makes a woman interested, and he only had to take a chance on the first part - talking to her.

From there, he only had to engage her attraction mechanism so that she would respond and find him interesting.

Here's a secret, and it may make this the most valuable thing you've ever read: Women cannot select the men they feel attracted to.

Women cannot choose this voluntarily, any more than you can choose the women you find visually attractive.

Think about that.

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Once you know the principles of how to start her thinking about you in a certain way, you can use them over and over again to get her attraction started for you.

Women have always guarded their sexuality. It's been a necessity of evolution, since we were hiding out in caves from mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. A woman could not give herself sexually to a man she didn't think would be capable of supporting her and any child she might have. Her behavior was forged from necessity.

Today, women can engage in sex for pleasure and not worry about pregnancy by using birth control.

However, thousands of years of evolution are not cancelled out in just a hundred years of rubbers and pills. But since women haven't caught up to this, we can help them enjoy this freedom and help them overcome their own objections.

Seduction isn't just for a woman you want to sleep with. You can seduce the girlfriend in your life, your wife, or even your friends and family. You can seduce your boss on a great idea that could get you promoted. You can seduce your dog into doing tricks.

You see, seduction is nothing more than a highly charged, emotionally persuasive sales job.

Women want exactly the same things you do: sexual experience, unchained from all the repression and guilt. They want to sleep with you and enjoy physical pleasure. They just have different social, psychological, and instinctual expectations. We explore these in my e-books and audio programs, as well as discuss the methods of overcoming them so that you both can get what you want.

Let's get a few things straight.

Men do not want only sex. But we do want it sooner and with fewer commitments. Most women treat us as if we're "wrong" for this desire, but it's actually not a matter of "right" and "wrong." It's a matter of doing what you want, with no guilt or manipulation from others to mess with your head.

Don't let women make you feel dirty or shameful for wanting sex. It's another manipulation.

Seduction is necessary, right from the start. Don't try to be her "friend" first. Just pursue her like a man that knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

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