Tip 15 When you approach a woman do not validate her just because she is a woman

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What I mean by this is that most guys will give away all their power in the first moment they meet a woman, they will face her directly and compliment her and be all in her face as if she is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

This is such an indication of inferior value that a woman will almost always reject a guy for this style approach, especially if she is hot.

So learn to reward a woman only for what she has earned. If she starts listening to you and facing you and smiling, then you should reward her with the same since she has earned your attention.

In the same vein, don't start a conversation with introducing your name - instead, let women be so intrigued that they ask YOUR name first.

You will notice that women will INSTANTLY lose interest in you the moment you provide them with too much validation.

Ego is an enormously powerful part of the human psyche, and most people, especially attractive women, live in the constant shadow of their own massive and fragile ego.

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At the same time, be careful with this, because if you tease her too much, or withhold even the promise of potential validation, a woman will simply SHUT DOWN completely and you will be public enemy number one with her.

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