Tip 16 Dont buy women drinks flowers or anything else more than a coffee

Guys that start their interactions with women in this way are implying that they have no real value, so they must compensate for that fact by "buying" a woman.

Women think lowly of men who do this, (unless it is ABSOLUTELY clear that the guy doing the buying is NOT in need of women, but most guys don't know how to convey that, and so I advise most men to just steer clear of buying women anything like that for at least 6 months.)

The more you buy things for a woman, the more you are saying that in fact YOU are not worthy of her attention or interest, so you must compensate for that with these artificial things in the hope that she can do you a FAVOR by giving you some attention.

Even if a woman DOES feel attraction for you initially, if you buy her things she will start to wonder what flaw you must have, and she will convince herself that you must have some flaw or why would you act this way of being so nice?

She will assume that if you were truly desirable on your own, you wouldn't resort to all the gifts and free dinners, etc.

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