Tip 16 Understand dominance and submission at a dynamic level

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The same as above we must understand that the female nature is to take in, or submit to a more dominant frame of mind.

Basically the masculine inputs to the feminine, be it penis in to vagina, or states of mind in the encounter. This is simply biology and psychology of how we are hard wired.

SO if you project a masculine state of being, she will in fact match your more dominant frame and take on your state.

An example:

A guy acts "ghetto" talks all hip hop and jive, the girl is attracted to him, so she matches the more dominant state and acts like him.

We can reverse this by projecting the more powerful frame of masculinity, BEFORE she is ever attracted to us and get her to match whatever states we enter. We can then of course enter the sexual state and we have her in an attracted state when she matches it.

More on this later.

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