Tip 17 Be Proactive In Your Pursuit

Another way to say this would be "Don't be lazy!" Too often, great prospects are lost because men aren't proactive enough.

Let's say you meet a girl and the two of you exchange numbers. Don't wait for her to call you!

Even if she's planning on calling you, take the initiative and call her first. Whatever you do, don't go through the trouble of getting a number and not call a girl just because you're too busy or lazy or scared or whatever!

If you go on a date and you don't hear back from her, call her up again. If she doesn't return your first couple of phone calls, keep calling until she tells you if she's still interested or not.

Women get busy/lazy/scared/whatever themselves. If you keep calling, they'll eventually come around, one way or another.

Now, I'm not saying that you want to be calling her 8-10 times a day, here. But be proactive in getting in touch with her and getting her to go out with you. If you just sit around waiting for it to happen, it won't!

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