Tip 17 Follow up

Let's face it: we live in a fast-paced world. We tell people "Let's get together soon" and forget it in an instant. We send an email, never get a response and lose the contact forever.

This is extremely important: if you do not get a response, follow up.

Send another email.

Repeat that you are waiting for an answer and you want to hear from them even if they are not interested.

Having somebody who is really interested in you is not very common nowadays. This very fact may convince people to answer you.

Sometimes the woman might have changed her email address and did not inform the website about it. If there is another channel of reaching her, (postal address, fax, phone number) try this channel before assuming she is not interested.

Most men only send letters via email.

She knows value of those letters - 10 cents a dozen. She also knows men send letters to multiple recipients at once. But if she gets a "real" letter in the mail, it's something special for her.

If you tell her in your letter that you tried emailing her and could not receive an answer, and this is the reason why you sent her the letter by mail, she is sure to be impressed: you've just demonstrated her how special she is for you.

Summing it up: Follow up. Women like insistent men

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