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A common trait I've noticed between guys who regularly get women, and guys who don't, is their willingness to bring sexuality into their interactions with women.

Many guys are a bit gun-shy when it comes down to talking sexual with a woman. Often times, we're taught we gotta handle women with kids gloves, and not offend them with overt sexuality.

But more often than not, the guys who DO bring it up are the ones that get the girls to go along with it.

Oddly enough, I learned this from watching the TV show "Blind Date."

If you watch that show, more often than not, the dates that go really well for the guy (the few that do on that show, anyway) usually happen when the guy brings up sex and flirts heavily with the girl, usually over dinner.

I then began to watch my friends who are good with women at work, and noticed that they readily start discussing sex with the girl early on. Not overtly, mind you, but with heavy innuendo.

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This creates sexual tension, which I think is necessary for any attraction to take place.

Any tension that exists between a man and a woman is a good thing, as long as it's sexually charged. The more tension there is, the more likely it is that tension can explode into passion.

The problem is, most men don't know how to create this kind of tension. Sexual tension arises from the use of mixed signals.

Some would call this playing "hard to get," or "hot and cold." It's where you actively flirt with a woman and then turn around and act as if you're really not interested in her. Then you go back to flirting.

This will get the woman wondering what your true intentions are, and start getting her thinking whether or not you like her. This puts her focus of attention right where you want it to be - on YOU!

So don't be afraid to create that tension and bring sexuality into the mix.

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