Tip 18 Understand what women are really looking for

In the Tip#4 I told you what Russian women are looking for in potential partners: they seek men that are intelligent, kind, financially secure, marriage-minded, faithful, decent, physically fit, good-looking, have a sense of humor and don't abuse alcohol.

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This is what Russian women think they are looking for. The truth is we often do not understand ourselves.

Most people are not used to self-reflection. We have certain biases imposed on us by our society and culture and those biases often contradict with our biological-selves. In other words, our subconscious may want different things than our conscious.

To understand the difference between what women [consciously] think they want and what they [subconsciously] really want is crucial for your success.

On the introduction stage, where she has no preference for you or anybody else, she mostly consciously analyzes your information. ]

She may still answer you positively if your profile fits her image of her "good man" (Russian women don't look for an "ideal"; they just want somebody who is good, stable and NORMAL) - but if you do not give her what she really wants, she will eventually reject you, "I cannot give orders to my heart".

It means you cannot neglect women's emotions when trying to win her affection. Even though women think all they seek is a good man, what they need is a man who wakes up her emotions.

Women are emotional creatures. They need emotional food in a relationship, just like you need food to keep your body going.

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