Tip 19 Demonstrate your sexual interest with Class not crass

You don't need to beat a woman over the head with blatant sexual comments in order to communicate your amorous interest to her. Trust me, she knows. Yet some men are so afraid of being misinterpreted as a "buddy-buddy wimp" they'll risk making complete fools of themselves with all sorts of lewd remarks just to insure that a woman doesn't think of them as a nice guy. While this desire to stay out of the "friends zone" is laudable, their method of achieving it is so ham-handed it destroys any chance of seduction with all but the sluttiest types of women who will fall for any brazen come-on. I'm assuming that you'll eventually want to do better than that, right?

The best way to demonstrate your sexual interest in a woman is with deep eye contact, tonally modulated voice, mirrored body movements, etc. and by using brief, inoffensive touches. The hair, shoulder, hand and forearm, small of her back, the chin (just before kissing her). Like that. In the game of seduction, women read between the lines (i.e., your underlying assumptions that you hold about yourself) in order to get a sense of your male status, and thus, your ultimate sexual attractiveness. Inappropriate dirty talk is a clear low status signal to her. It screams: "...Hey, get a load of me baby, I actually know how to have hot-mama sex with a woman... even though I don't look like I do..." Asshole! A truly sexy man projects plenty of sex appeal to women using only an attitude of expectancy and therefore doesn't have to go around broadcasting it through a bullhorn like some complete dick wad.

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