Tip 19 Screen name tactics

Whenever you are setting up an online account to meet people, you need to take time to get just the right screen name. I suggest writing down a number of interests and try to compile a "cool" name.

It drives me nuts to be chatting with "suzie1234" or "Bob6743" because they were too lazy to do some research.

Whenever setting up a new screen name for yourself I suggest setting it in capitol letters. (I know, I know, all of the Internet etiquette people are churning.)

All capitol letters generally signifies "shouting". I do not recommend using all caps when chatting, however on the screen name it commands attention when entering a room or an instant message.

Remember, your screen name is your "first impression" online. Make it count!

If it is a very cool name it can mean the difference between getting a response and getting bumped!

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