Tip 2 Be careful of looking like a player or overqualifying her

A lot of women are intimidated by men that come across as almost too secure or too cocky. They seem like "players." This is because a guy that is too confident with women can forget to establish the right feelings before establishing his confidence.

What you have to do is establish RAPPORT and TRUST while you're giving her the James Bond smile. Be smooth, but seem like a real flesh and blood man.

You have to come across as human.

Remember that part of the equation is feeling self-confident, but that doesn't mean she has to trust you or feel comfortable around you.

So shoot for the confidence as you work on building rapport with her.

Always remember that what you think you're communicating with your confidence may not be received and interpreted the way you want. Confidence is a combination of many small behaviors that add up to the overall total self-confidence of a man. If you're not achieving congruency (your actions = your beliefs) then you'll trigger alarms in her head and she'll lose her feelings of trust.

I believe that most guys want just one good woman, and that's the primary reason we get obsessed when we find a woman we really like. We realize how rare a good woman is, and we want to lock her in as soon as possible.

You want to avoid over-doing it. Acting aloof or distant is the wrong angle to play

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early in the game. You want to appear unflappable by her behavior, but not too distant from her.

Again, you must be human. She has to feel that you've got a heart. (And hopefully you do have one!)

Remember: Act with a laid-back confidence that she can trust.

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