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Stop waiting for a woman to make you happy.

The moment you realize the truth, that you don't need women to make you happy, you will become FAR more attractive, because you will convey to women that you are not needy.

Women want a guy who is ALREADY happy, who ALREADY has his emotions under control, who ALREADY is a motivated, ambitious, fun-loving, exciting guy. Women are REPULSED by weak men who NEED approval.

Not only will this make you more successful with women, it will make you more successful in EVERYTHING you do, which of course will then make you even more successful.

Learning to be emotionally independent of women takes time, for you must be weaned off all the lies that were fed to you as a child about Disney style romantic endings.

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However, as you slowly realize that you truly don't need a woman's approval to feel GREAT, you will start to feel a surge of power and energy and happiness that you have never felt before in your life.

You will be liberated of all your fears and neediness, and then you will REALLY enjoy being with women since it will come from a place of pure joy and not insecurity.

The greatest irony is that women will want you in direct proportion to how much you DON'T need their approval or company.

Always remember that your identity does NOT equal what women think of you.

No matter what your interaction with a woman is, from a one-night stand to a long term relationship, you are about more than your interaction with women, and that you are more important than "having a relationship".

A lot of guys go through endless abuse just to hold on to a relationship because they believe it is their entire identity.

If a woman sees this, she will exploit the weakness until the dude barely has a shred left of self-respect.

This is why it is so crucial to wean yourself off of the fallacy that you "need a woman" to be happy. It might take some time to get used to the idea, but it is well worth it.

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