Tip 20 Dont Be Afraid Of Boyfriends

One time-honored deterrent to men getting the women they want is the dreaded "boyfriend" objection.

When guys are out and about, they may see a girl they really like. And if she's with a guy, the first thing that pops into their heads is "Crap, she's got a boyfriend!" Or, the girl will bring up the fact that she has a boyfriend in some way, and the guy will automatically disqualify himself because of it.

Well my friends, this is a mistake.

Honestly, the "boyfriend" objection is not as bad as one might think. Many girls are often in relationships by default, being with men that they may not particularly like just because they don't want to be alone.

In college, I met a girl at a party and had a great time dancing all night. We hit it off and started dating.

Later on, she tells me that she has a boyfriend, but she doesn't really like him all that much because he spends most of his time watching porno and verbally abusing her (I'm not kidding, she said this).

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The thing is, he was so persistent with hanging out with her and doing stuff with her, she became his girlfriend by default, even though she wasn't really into it.

In a way, if a girl doesn't have a boyfriend, she feels socially awkward because most women who are worthwhile are usually in relationships. So she may grab the first guy that comes along or even make up the fact that she has a boyfriend because she doesn't want to appear like a loser.

The fact is, you never know what a girl's relationship with her "boyfriend" is like, so don't let the fact that she has a boyfriend deter you. Frankly, if a girl doesn't have a boyfriend, I think of it as a warning sign since any girl worth being with is usually in a relationship with someone.

The best course of action to take when she brings up that she has a boyfriend is simply to ignore it. If the girl is into you, or you think you have a chance of being with her, it's best to deal with what's going on between the two of you instead of what's going on between her and another guy.

Sometimes girls are out with other guys who may or may not be their boyfriends. I met this one girl in a club onetime who was so glad a guy had finally talked to her because she was starting to feel like no guy was into her. However, she neglected to remember that she was sitting with a MALE FRIEND at the time, and it looked like she was with a boyfriend.

I remember clearly how glad the GUY was I came along as well so he didn't have to baby-sit his friend and could go out and meet other girls.

So just because a girl is with a guy doesn't mean she's WITH him, if you get my drift. Never let the fact that there's another male in her presence deter you from meeting a girl you want. After all, he could be a brother, cousin, or friend. Regardless, you'll find out the relationships between people real quick after you start talking to them.

So best to find out as soon as possible, instead of letting the opportunity pass you by.

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