Tip 20 Make sure to make her feel something hatred is acceptable if attraction isnt her first instinct Love and Hate a fine edge

You hear it all the time when it comes to a couple that used to be in love but now want to strangle each other. I'm giving you the other side of the reality. It isn't strong dislike that bars you from dates with the girl of your dreams.

What kills you dead in the water is that she absolutely doesn't think about you at all. You can fix that my friend. Some guys do real well making a girl laugh and she'll remember. I've found it works even if you make her hate you.

Now, I'm not telling you to rob her grandmother.

What I am telling you is I've made it known I didn't like a girl who came off a bit arrogant to me and maintained that guise for months.

Then suddenly one day, I'll switch the gears and stand up against another guy when he says something off key to her.

Or, maybe I'll offer to help her out because I heard she needs something heavy moved.

Whatever the case, she already felt hatred, anger, maybe even frustration about me and now I'm being cool to her and guess what?

She's getting wet about it! Try it! Oddly enough, these will be the women who will pursue you harder than any. In fact, I've had women literally fight to get me after having hated me for months.

Amazing the way women are wired isn't it?

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