Tip 21 How to get the goodnight kiss

I think that every "expert" has their own kiss technique. Personally, nowadays I just go for it.

I don't have any technique I use I just do what feels right at the time. But, back when I had my "training wheels" on this was "my technique".

When I walked her to the door we would have our chit chat and at some point we would be facing each other. At that point I would look into her eyes, gently grab just above her hip, and GENTLY ease her toward me. at a romantic pace. not fast, not slow, and smoothly.

Now, if you choose to perform this maneuver you will get one of three responses: She might say "What are you doing you creep!"

If she says this, play it off with something like, "Oh, I thought you were standing in dog poop.

Sorry, I guess it's just a shadow." © Ha, ha you like that. Admit it.

It's not smooth but at this point you've got to cut your losses. At least it's humorous.

She might hug you and put her head on your chest. This means, I don't want to kiss you.

You don't repulse me and I might go out with you again. but don't bet the farm on it. Sometimes she does this initially but then she'll look up and.

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She might kiss you.

There is something passionate about this move.

Done right, it's almost like something out of a movie. To her you are sticking your neck out there which is very confident and impressive. But, little does she know, you always had a way to play it off if worse came to worse (that's the poop line).

Just so you know, I've never actually had to use the poop line. I came up with that "just in case." You will get one of the last two.

If you get the first, and it surprises you, then you may want to work on being more aware. because you should see that coming all night long.

And a final note, you can't change your mind halfway through. once you start this maneuver you are committed, there's no turning back.

The first time you may want to just put your hand on her hip and see how she reacts to that before you reel her in.

Also, here's another safety feature built in.

If you are close enough to comfortably put you hand on her hip then that is a very good sign that she is interested in you.

In fact, it means that she either wants the kiss or the hug. If she wasn't she would probably back away when you got that close.

Seriously, that's true. This isn't a "most of the time" tip.

Any woman who doesn't like you will back up when you get that close to her at the end of the date.

That is personal space reserved for those that she wants to be there.

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