Tip 21 If you want a woman to run from you act like youre in love with her

You absolutely cannot ever, and I mean ever let your woman think she has you wrapped. If she ever suspects it, you will be history. Always keep a roving eye. Of course, she'll get pissed about it.

She'll make sarcastic remarks about you looking at other women. and don't do it blatantly but let her catch you on occasion.

Never tell a woman things like, "I'd be lost without you." or "I can't live without you." because it's an instant formula for failure my friend.

If she tells you she's leaving, tell her not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out. It's about a 95% chance she'll be back. If not, you're got the formula for success right here in your hands...NEXT!

Remember Tip #7.

If she tells you she's been thinking about leaving, agree with her. Tell her you've been thinking it's about time to start dating other people too. She'll be trying to get you in bed for days afterwards.

Make her beg for it!

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