Tip 22 Dont ever be afraid to talk to a group of women

Women are social creatures to the ultimate degree.

Guys might sometimes be considered romantic heroes as the lone stranger who walks into town, but women are almost ALWAYS hanging out with other women if not with their boyfriends.

It is IMPERATIVE that you become comfortable with this reality and comfortable chatting with groups of women. This means that you should chat to the group and not act as if they don't even exist except for miss pretty you have your eye on.

Show some class, and remember by making her friends feel good, a woman will feel that you are not a socially clueless dork and feel better about getting to know you.

On the other hand, if you are too scared to chat with her friends, you will come across as meek, lame, and socially clueless.

Attractive women are not so desperate for sex to make excuses for you no matter how special you think you are, if you are socially clueless.

The more women you talk to, the more they will respect you. If there is one woman you want to especially speak with in her group, show some class and don't make the other women feel ugly by ignoring them.

By showing class, all the women will love you and thereby not try to ruin your attempts at hooking up with their sexy friend.

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All you have to do is chat them all up, and then offer the woman you are most interested in to come with you, or to give you her email number, etc, depending on the dynamics of the situation.

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