Tip 22 Factor 1 Other people We Know that humantohuman interaction will always be chaotic and differ from one time to the next

SO if you interact with a woman with 2 of your friends and 2 of hers their chaos is multiplied by a factor of 9.

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Guy A, guy B interactions. Girl B, girl C interactions. Girl B, boy B interactions. Girl B, Boy C interactions. Girl C, boy C interactions. Girl C, boy B interactions. Girl "A" and you, girl C and you, girl B and you.

At every opportunity you must limit other peoples influence on the interaction because they will only add chaos.

Almost all men go out to clubs with friends, almost all women go out to clubs with friends.

Hence clubs and bars must be a venue that you have a good understanding with any wingmen or friends, to avoid interacting with your approaches beyond casual hellos, inside of.

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