Tip 24 Dont call her more than once a day

One of the big mistakes guys make is to call women too often. If they don't get hold of her on the first call, they leave a long-winded message asking her to call back.

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And then, a few hours later, they call her back to find out why she hasn't called him right away.

The best way to handle this situation is to call her once, and if she doesn't answer you don't leave a message the first time. You can then call her later that day or night.

Then, if she doesn't answer on the second call, just leave a short message about being cut off when you called earlier, and that you wanted to just say hello.

Don't ask her to call you back!

This puts you in a one-down position, where you'll be spending your day waiting for her to call, and then getting all pissed that she hasn't.

Instead, tell her you'll call her back later. If she has your number and she calls you, great! But at least this way, you control the outcome instead of making yourself frustrated and anxious for her to call you. Then, a day or so later, call her back.

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