Tip 25 Dont be afraid of a girl because shes pretty

It's amazing to me how many guys are so afraid to be rejected particularly by really gorgeous women.

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Let me tell you something about really gorgeous women, they are just like anyone else! You may think she is something out of a movie...but the reality is she burps, farts and wakes up with her hair sticking straight up.

Don't let the glamour fool you. If you get past the fact that she's gorgeous and treat her like she is, a person...you'll fly by men who are much better looking.

Oddly enough, beautiful girls get a lot less play than the "cute" ones. I guess most guys just don't think they stand a shot so they let the "loser" in their head win.

They never even approach the really gorgeous woman.

That said, they gorgeous babes are often with guys that really make you scratch your head. It's also funny that when you've dated a perfect "10" type girl for a few months, you start realizing she isn't nearly as beautiful as you first imagined her to be.

It wears off in time.

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