Tip 25 Put the seduction on Cruise Control by doing all the steps

As a man, you must display the patience and the respect to experience all of the steps of seduction in their proper order (eye contact ; smiling ; teasing and flirting ; first words ; interested & safe ; open ended questions ; sincere compliments ; connecting common interests through conversation ; humor ; eye reading & establishing rapport ; minor self-revelation ; touching ; gazing ; mirroring ; asking for contact information or making a date, etc.) or you will always be balanced on the edge of rejection ready to fall off the cliff at any time.

Guys screw up when they think they can short circuit the seduction process because they figure the whole thing is somehow beneath them. If you can't even bother seducing her when you're just getting to know a woman though, she knows it probably won't be long before you start taking her for completely granted (soon after you start getting laid no doubt!). Condescending to romance is just a poor character red flag for her. Try to work for the perfect mix of empathy (good listening skills, genuine interest, etc.) and ego drive (no attempts to apologize for your desires as a man) to feed the relationship fuel and keep it moving forward. Remember, the careful pace of seduction is a form of hypnotic suggestion that places a woman into a trance (of romance!)... where she willingly allows herself to submit to your increasingly more vigorous advances. Don't ignore the power of the trance.

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