Tip 26 Make contact even if they are with a significant other

One of the most difficult things to overcome is how to "make contact" with a certain someone if they are already with another person in a public place, such as a restaurant etc.

The best way I have found (without going to the restroom 20 times in hopes they follow you) is to have some very simple business cards made up with an E-mail address on it.

I don't know how many times I was eating at a restaurant when a totally hot babe was setting just two tables away with another guy.

I suggest taking the card between your pointer and middle finger and show it to her while raising a glass. This is so the "significant other doesn't think you are trying to get their attention.

Then walk by the table on your way to the restroom and accidentally drop it or simply put it on your table as you leave.

If they see you put it there and they want it they can walk by and see the address.

It may not be better than simply walking up and introducing yourself, but none the less effective and much less painful.

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