Tip 27 Smothering does not make the heart grow fond

If there was ever one error that a majority of people make when dating someone new is to SMOTHER them. Some people get so caught up that they want everything to happen NOW. Bad move!

The best method I have found when trying to attract and maintain someone's interest is simple.

Go on a date, call the next morning and tell them you had a wonderful time, then, DO NOT CALL BACK for several days, and let the fire burn a little and let them pursue you.

Lust is a wonderful thing, however I have seen time and time again a potential relationship ruined by an overzealous patron.

Sometimes people hit it off so well that all they can do is think about each other and all they want to do it be together.

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The problem is that eventually, lust wears thin and if there isn't anything else left things can go wrong in a hurry.

There is an old cliche "absence makes the heart grow fond." If you live by that, chances are things will last much longer.

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