Tip 28 Give yourself a break score your performance fairly in order to set up your next kick at the can

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Well, the seduction effort is now history, time to review your scorecard. Was it a swish or an airball? Did you give it your best shot or cave into your fears? If things worked out and you pulled a beautiful new friend into your life, was it by virtue of your own massive efforts or did she take over and make it a slam dunk for you? If the effort flopped, was it because of a single major mistake or due to the weight of numerous little things that piled up and crushed the life out of things? Always do a postmortem and learn from your mistakes, or from your successes. The feedback is important. You can't just step out onto the playing field and hit homer after homer without a lot of practice and concentrated effort. Willingness and determination... you know, all that good stuff.

Whatever the result, it's extremely important to score yourself only on your performance -- that part of things which is totally under your control. Do NOT assume responsibility for how all the various X-factors which are not under your control played themselves out. This is disabled, God-like, self-hating thinking on your part and it will make further progress impossible.

Remember this.if you try your best to do everything you can to present yourself as a dignified, high status male, then you have no right to beat yourself up if the results do not go down as you would've liked them to. Work hard to become as skilled at those things that give you the best chance to succeed with women, and release yourself from having any responsibility for what may have been her irrational actions. It takes two to tango... she has to be willing to meet you halfway in the deal or no seduction can ever get off the ground. There are limits to the psychological persuasion a man can bring to bear on a woman no matter how clever he thinks he is.

Any man can be rejected by the whimsy of a woman no matter how overwhelming his persona or charm. As long as you always remember to score your performance and not her reaction, then you can hold your head high and move on to your next seduction and eventual conquest.

Go easy on yourself and remember that, like any great pool player, you need to think about setting up your next shot even while cueing the ball up for this one. Reasonable scoring of your actions and a willingness to absorb the lesson and dump the negative emotions preserves your stability and gives you the confidence to keep moving forward with new experiences. Working on women is like anything else in life, sometimes you just have to keep fouling off pitches to stay alive long enough for that sweet hanging fast ball to appear that you can finally take over the fence. That really describes the entire trick -- just stay in the game until you can break down Fate. It's a test of mental stamina more than anything else. Play hard, and remember to celebrate the effort as well as the victories. Till we meet again.

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