Tip 3 Observe and hang out with the guys who are already successful

Break Bad Habits

Break Bad Habits

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Before you reinvent the wheel, first learn the foundation from guys who have obvious success with women.

The fact of the matter is that changing old bad habits is hard enough when everybody AGREES that they are indeed bad habits, but being THE MAN is something that very few people even are willing to AGREE on is the way to go.

In other words, there are only a few people in this world who are willing to face the truth that we were all misled for our entire lives and that we must change the direction we are heading in to get success with women.

That means you will have very little support in your objectives from the people around you, which in turn means you might find it WEIRD to do this stuff and go out and approach women and do all the things that I explain you must do.

It HELPS immensely to have other guys who are in the same mental space as you are supporting you because then you no longer care what the REST of the world thinks, since you are too busy chatting and hanging out with the folks who DO share your mentality.

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And what can be a healthier mentality than going out to improve yourself, and become a stronger person both inside and out?

If you don't know any guys like this, then just GO OUT TO A CLUB and CAREFULLY OBSERVE the behavior of the guys who are most successful with women:

Observe the style of clothing, and the way they speak with women, how they use their body language, facial expressions, and voice tonality.

Most importantly, INTERNALIZE their ATTITUDE.

Do whatever you can to hang out with these guys and learn from them, because they are your direct line to success in the real world.

These guys are successful for a reason, and it's not just a coincidence that all the guys who are successful are doing the same things.

There IS only ONE way to succeed with women, and that is to convey superiority, and you will see the many displays of superiority by watching these guys.

You will see what REALLY indicates superiority as opposed to what you THINK indicates superiority, which are often two VERY DIFFERENT things.

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