Tip 4 Adopt the right attitude

The attitude with which we approach any challenge plays a large part in whether or not we accomplish that thing.

Our attitude dictates how we will react if there is a set back, how we will interpret what happens, and whether we will get up and keep going (or give up).

Attitude is doubly important when dealing with women because they SENSE your attitude.

Certain attitudes are attractive while others are very unattractive. A good attitude to use when dealing with women is this:

"I am desirable. I do not chase women or act needy around them. I am myself and I have fun. If a woman does not like who I am then I am not crushed - there are many more out there for me."

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As simple as it sounds, there are some powerful statements being made:

1.) You are desirable

2.) You will keep your self-respect

4.) You are confident that if things don't work out with one woman you can always find another

All four of these statements give you an attitude that is attractive to women because it allows you to communicate confidence and security.

How I would use this tip:

I'd memorize the above statement and repeat it to myself before and, if necessary, during any interaction with a woman.

This will give me a boost of confident and center me.

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