Tip 4 Going the friends first route to seducing women is completely ineffective and a total waste of time

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You must understand that a woman's lover can never be a converted "buddy" - it has to be someone who stirred up her deepest instincts to mate and copulate with actions that spoke to her identity as a woman right from the very start. Only a few people in her life will ever be considered in this special way. You don't earn that exalted place in a woman's heart by going through the high-minded front channels of friendship and mutual respect -- you have to slip in through the back door of her mind by immediately provoking feelings of lust and passion from the very first few moments of contact... or the romantic opportunity is lost forever.

Male friends of women don't get laid. (Gee, how do you suppose a seduction master like me would know something like that?) You must strive to establish a man-woman sexual tension in your relationships at all times! Remember it's the intense emotional states that women crave from all their relationships with men, not just the sex. They are consummate romantics -- and for them, romance is not just some ideal that would be nice to have if they can manage it... THEY WANT TO FEEL ROMANTIC WITH A SPECIAL MAN ALWAYS AND FOR LIFE! This exceptional life outlook of theirs must be honored and not ignored if you ever wish to become skilled at seducing, rather than befriending, women.

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