Tip 4 Practice by talking to women a LOT

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For every minute you spend reading or theorizing about women, spend ten minutes actually INTERACTING with women in the REAL world.

All the theory in the world is useless if you can't even get the basic guts to approach a woman.

Get your butt out there and do it and realize that REAL INTERACTION is the lifeblood of this "game" called learning how to attract women.

Your goal in the beginning should just be to get COMFORTABLE talking to women a LOT.

Just chat your butt off. Realize it's no big deal.

Focus on your CHAT, on your voice tonality sounding passionate and powerful and fun and not boring, and focus on having conversations that are INTERESTING or FUN.

If that is feeling really easy for you, then try to also project a certain amount of your sexual state by actually thinking sexual thoughts.

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This way, all the tips you read will actually make much more sense and also will prevent you from misinterpreting the information.

You will have a real life CONTEXT in which to understand all the material you read.

So make it a goal for the next month to talk to women everyday, no matter where you find them.

Keep your conversations light and playful and avoid any boring topics like the weather, your work, or any heavy academic type material.

Bust on her jewelry or clothing or shoes instead of harping on about the cost of parking spaces.

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