Tip 5 Ask and ye shall receive

Define exactly what you want in a woman. List what qualities are necessary. List what you want her to look like. List what she won't be like. List her interests.

Before actually using this tip, I'd read it in a super cheesy relationship book I picked up at a bookstore. I brushed it off as silly without giving it much thought.

Years later, after meeting and dating tons of women (none of whom I would label as extremely compatible) I remembered it and decided to give it a shot.

Within THREE DAYS I had met a woman who almost exactly fit the description I had made. I'd spent the previous THREE YEARS wishing I could meet someone right for me.

Spooky. Well, not really.

There is something very logical about this, when you define exactly what you are looking for you begin to notice it in other women.

In other words, after doing this exercise you will have a crystal clear mental representation of your perfect woman.

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That way, when you meet her you will recognize that she has what you want. As strange as it sounds, otherwise you might not notice.

If you DON'T do this exercise you won't be able to separate the women worth dating from those not worth dating. You'll have a mushy, ill-defined desire for a woman. but you aren't quite sure whom.

How I would use this tip:

"But wait," you say, "you are short, fat, poor, and ugly. You probably shouldn't worry about dating the wrong women, you need to worry about getting a date period."

Actually, it's important for ANYONE to do this exercise. Sometimes desperate men are the ones who need to do this exercise the most. Granted, I should be approaching every woman I see but sometimes you'll miss a woman

Do note that defining what interests your ideal woman has are especially important. With this information you know where to find her (more on this in later tips on where to meet women).

For instance, if you are looking for a woman that enjoys coffee, reading, and hanging out the best place to look for her would be. trendy little coffee shops.

As obvious as it sounds, most men lose this connection and look for women only in bars and clubs even though these types of venues are very untargeted. A good strategy is to define what you want, figure out where women like that are, and go there.

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