Tip 5 Be funny

Women love to laugh. And they are not as keen on actual jokes as men often are -they prefer spontaneous wit and they love to be gently teased.

But how do you learn how to be funny?

Again, modelling is the key.

Who do you know who is funny?

If you don't know anyone personally, who have you ever seen or heard who was funny? You don't need to actually become Woody Allen or Timothy Leary, but you can learn a lot by watching them closely.

The inner game of 'being funny' is - at least partly - about making unlikely connections. A good comic will take two apparently unrelated subjects and quickly connect them in a funny and unexpected way.

If you have ever seen British comedian Paul Merton in action, you will know what I mean. It's as if there is a kind of high speed scanning process going on - constantly on the lookout for a funny connection and then spinning it into a funny story.

To a large extent, this stuff can be learned, although undoubtedly some people have a natural talent that is beyond current modelling technology. It's worth spending soem time on this - if you can learn how to make a woman laugh, you will never be lonely.

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