Tip 5 Dress with Ultra Cool Style

The fact of the matter is that although appearances aren't the MAIN thing, dressing your best ABSOLUTELY IMPROVES YOUR LOOKS.

Why on earth would you want to be at less than your best?

If you don't know what cool is, a good rule of thumb is that if it's boring or everybody else is wearing it it's NOT COOL. Also, just because something is "original" does NOT make it cool.

Go to stores that are KNOWN for cool stuff, and tell the babe that works there that you want to go WILD and push the envelope and that you don't want what everyone else already is wearing.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different looks, different haircuts, different combinations of clothing. It's your image, and no woman will have pity on you because you were too lazy to take care of your own image.

Again, if you still don't know what's cool to wear, then GO OUT AND WATCH THE COOL GUYS at clubs and check out their choice of shoes, boots, pants, jackets, hairstyles, etc.

I used to think it was a CRIME that women never just admit and say that they are turned on by the cool styles, and that nerdy clothes are pretty much of a sexual drive DESTROYER, but then again you can understand that as far as women are concerned, if they have to tell you this, then they feel you are pretty much out to lunch and not worthy of their attention in the first place.

So forget about what your grandma thought you looked cute in, and go for something that sizzles with sex and bad boy pizzazz.

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