Tip 5 You snooze you lose

Here is the common factor that holds most men back.

Most men defeat themselves before anyone else can. If you stand on the sidelines at a club looking over at a table of girls, thinking, "ok, after this song."

Or "After this beer" You've missed the boat.

If she looks at you twice for more than a second, get up and go talk to her. The worst thing that can happen is she will reject you. If that happens refer to Tip 1. You've got a winner and loser in your head. The war is between those two voices.

Follow the winner and be brave...go get em!

Think this is easier said than done?

Here is something to do to condition your mind. Go to a swimming pool. Stand at the edge and dip your toe in.

Is it cold?

Are you ready to dive right in?

If you have any hesitation at all, just disregard it and jump in. You'll find your discomfort fade really fast. If you have no problem just jumping right in you already know what it takes.

Either way, think of the swimming pool analogy when you're out cruising for women.

Sometimes to get what we want, we have to do the things we don't like to do. It really comes down to exactly that.

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