Tip 6 Dont be weird

This sounds pretty obvious, but it's not. Single people tend to develop a disturbing strangeness after a long stretch of social reclusiveness that can tag them as personalities to be avoided. I know you've met women that you can almost tell at a glance are "lifetime virgins". In a man, "single guy weirdness" signals a neophyte when it comes to matters sexual and probably emotional as well. It's the unmistakable signature of a low status male who's been roundly rejected by women all his life!

Women are experts at picking up these signals -- far better than you and I (i.e., male lunkheads) will ever be. So while you're standing around socially incapacitated because you're afraid of being rejected, what you don't realize is that you already are rejected! You "auto-rejected" yourself before she ever had a chance to pass her own judgment of you, and just following up on the cues you're giving her!

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See how much about yourself is on open display to everyone no matter how good you think you're hiding it. communicated by your mere appearance and attitude without you hardly realizing it?

Try your damndest never to send the weird guy signal, ever. Give yourself a ruthless self-assessment now and then. Stay close to the accepted societal norms when it comes to dress, appearance, grooming, things you might like to talk about, books or magazines you like to read in a public place, etc. And don't stand around talking to yourself either. yeesh! Or quoting from the Bible to complete strangers. double yeesh!

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