Tip 6 Expand Your Social Circle

A little secret you may not be aware of is that guys tend to get laid the most from their social circle.

For example, let's say you have a friend that has a sister.

One day, you go over to the friend's place, and his sister is there with a few of her friends. You're introduced to everybody, hit it off with one of the sister's friends, and before you know it you got a date.

How did that work? Friend ^ Sister ^ Sister's Friend.

You met that girl you dated through people you already knew! And this is the easiest way to meet people there is, because if you're friends with people they know, you must be a cool guy, right?

When you go out to meet women in a bar or a club (or even to women on the street for that matter), you're doing "cold approaches."

In other words, you're trying to meet women you have no prior social relationship with.

This is why meeting women in these environments is so hard, because the women have to go through the process of determining if you're a creep or not, if you're cool or not, if you're someone they might like, etc.

But when you meet someone through your social circle, it's a more natural interaction, and most of the screening has already taken place due to the fact that you have mutual friends who vouch for you.

The more friends you have, the more inroads you have into meeting women. So if you can continually expand your social circle, you'll always be meeting women.

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It's important to note that you should try to include many "female friends" in your social circle. Girls you have simply as "friends," no more, no less.


Because women have more female friends than most men. And if you are in their "friends" zone, they will want to hook you up with their girlfriends.

Don't ask me why, they just do for some reason. =) Tip #7 -- Have Fun

When you're single, meeting women can be a real chore. Seriously, it almost gets to the level of being a "full time job."

Going out night after night, going to club after club, bar after bar, facing rejection after rejection... it's hard to do. And because it's hard, it can get frustrating.

People can sense that frustration on a man.

Most men can, and women DEFINITELY can.

One thing to remember is that you project your attitude to the world at all times. If you look like you're angry and frustrated and bored, people aren't gonna want to be around you because you'll drag them down into your mood.

But if you go out with ulterior motives to meeting women, like going to a club because there's a band there you want to see, etc., you put yourself in a position where you can enjoy yourself whether you meet women or not.

Having fun is a very important factor in being successful with women.

See, women are empathetic creatures by nature, they are more in tune with their emotions and the emotions of people around them.

When you're having fun and projecting that energy, the women around you will pick up on it and be drawn to you because it's a pleasurable energy, as opposed to being frustrated and nervous, which almost always pushes others away from you.

So remember to do things YOU like and have fun.

Eventually, the women will come around.

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Finding The Perfect Partner

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