Tip 6 How to get a woman into a more intimate mindset

Kinesthetics is the next step after you've managed to get a woman interested in you initially. This is where you start to awaken her sexual attraction through strategic touching.

One of the first things you must realize is that men, on the whole, start touching women far too early in their interactions. Men are tactile beings, just as women are. That is, we're gropers. We long for the soft touch of a woman's flesh, and the neat little parts of her that seem to beg for our hands to go exploring.

What we men lack is self-control. It's difficult for many of us to hold back, especially because men's initial attraction begins with visual curiosity -- we see a pretty gal, and then it becomes a craving to touch her. From that point on, we are fighting our own natural desires.

Most men mistakenly believe that by forcing our touch on the woman, we can stoke her flames of desire by showing our interest. Well, we can and we can't, as we shall see.

In general, on the first few meetings with a woman, whether it's over coffee or a three-course meal, show some restraint. A lot of restraint. Let's put it this way, it's better to hold back too much than to make the mistake of demonstrating physical attention too soon or inappropriately.

For the end of a first meeting, I usually go for a quick hug, which lets her know that I'm not needy, and that I'm confident enough to demonstrate a little touch. Balance your distance with a measured amount of flirtatious behavior, just enough so she doesn't think you're a cold fish. The objective is to give her just a little less physical attention than she desires initially.

On the first meeting, you should make one or two small kino (short for Kinesthetic) maneuvers. The best one is a simple - and brief - touch to her arm or shoulder.

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EXAMPLE: If you're in a Starbucks and you need some more sugar for your coffee, get up, start to walk around her, and then place your hand on her back gently as you ask her if there's anything you can get her. Remove your hand after a second. Don't linger too long, or you'll defuse the power and possibly risk her discomfort. Or, if you both have to cross a street, offer her your arm. She will be impressed.

What you want to do is build up her anticipation.

Every woman wants to know what the man's touch feels like, the sensation of his skin against hers. There's a great deal of power in the novelty of this - the newness.

She hasn't touched you before, and part of your job is to keep her wondering about it long enough that she will respond positively when you do. You tease this part of her mind when you give her an unexpected hint of what is to come.

Don't touch her too early, and make sure the touch is no longer than a second, so that she knows you're not going to start pawing her.

Build her desire through anticipation.

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