Tip 7 Be playful for it is your license to do Anything

Stop being serious around women.

Most guys are way too serious around women and thus imply that they are desperate, boring, and uptight, all of which are ATTRACTION DESTROYERS.

Instead, be playful with women, and make your interactions FUN.

Whether it's a fun teasing, or tickling her, or telling her a funny story that really happened to you, or role-playing with her that she is after you and you are hard to get, all this is FUN.

Being playful and fun implies that you will also be fun in bed, fun to hang around with, and also that you have your life under control.

All this has "pulling" power in the same way a giant planet cannot help but "pull" in any surrounding material.

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Being playful also helps overcome her socially conditioned fear of being labeled a "slut" for talking to you, or for getting physical with you, etc, because in her mind, it's all "playful" and not too serious.

Playful is not just about what you say, it's your expressions on your face, it's your voice, it's your choice of style, it's where you choose to hang out.

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