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I'm only going to spend about $20 on my date so I'm going to take the other $90 and spend it on one thing... MY APPEARANCE.

There is nothing vain about focusing on appearance. How we dress and groom ourselves sends powerful messages, not only to everyone we meet, but also to ourselves.

If I am going to feel great about myself I need to take great care of my appearance.

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Since I'm on a tight budget... where would I shop for clothes?

Young men > 24 = American Eagle = cheap, trendy Older men < 25 = GAP = cheap, clean

Individual taste will vary but you really can't go wrong with these two.

As I mentioned previously, choosing the right style and colors for yourself is important but equal focus should go into HOW THE CLOTHES FIT.

Don't be afraid to have a sales lady help you judge the fit.

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