Tip 8 Strike the delicate balance between being deadly serious and coming on like a Robin Williams clone

Women love a guy with a sense of humor, as you've heard a million times already I'm sure. But it has to be the right kind of humor. Keep all your comedic efforts to draw a few laughs on the clever side when you're around women. Never be sarcastic, especially as a method of taking a subtle shot at someone else nearby (the dreaded hostile wit). Also try to stay aware of the element of timing. Pick only the best moments to drop in a cute remark here and there, and don't go overboard with the sheer volume of material. Men are humorous -- boys are foolish jokers who don't know when to quit.

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You're confident that your clever quips are funny, so you don't need to spray tons of them all around the room, right? Just relax and stay focused on the process of flirting and having fun getting a little rise out of her-- don't get all wrapped up in her reaction or fretting about if you're putting through a positive impression of yourself or not. If you stay cool and reserved, you are.

If you're going to be encountering a particular woman on a regular basis (at work, as a waitress in a restaurant you frequent, etc.) then your best move might be to work in the humor angle slowly here and there. Be playful and flirtatious, don't take things too seriously, but don't overdo it with the comedy act. You still want to remain sexy in her eyes, and this can be hard to do if you're behaving like a total buffoon every time she sees you.

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