Tip 9 Be friends

Make some women your friends - but not the ones you are really interested in.

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Women tend to be more person-centred than men - they love to have lots of friends

- and you should have some women as friends for that reason: they will introduce you to their women friends!

But beware of being too much a friend with women you really have other feelings for. Once a woman has you listed as 'friend', that's where they will want to keep you

- they hate losing their friends and may be afraid that once they step over the 'lover line' with you, that's what may happen.

Sad to say, it often does.

It is not impossible to 'convert' a woman from friend to lover, but it's not easy. You have to change the way she thinks about you from 'Mr Nice and Reliable' to 'Mr Exciting and Attractive'.

That means behaving differently towards her, without letting her think you have flipped out or become certifiably deranged.

Much easier to figure out early on who has the hottest friends, and keep the 'friend' thing and the 'lover' thing separate.

The other great thing about women as friends is that you can be seen out with them, which instantly makes you more attractive to other women. If you are seen out on your own too often, you could start to look like a loser.

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